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Joomla has integrated contact component but for basic contact page I like to use default article with contact form. To minimize spambots intrusion captcha is good option but there is problem that image captcha can irritate form users.

Author EmmeAlfa create Contact Us Form Joomla plugin what can be used to place contact form inside Joomla article. Plugin has integrated image captcha option to prevent spam intrusion. But, many of us don't like image captcha and because of that I added math captcha option.

Math captcha

Math captcha generate random X and Y and ask user to answer on simple math question. I use session to store correct result value, and later after form submission, correct result is compared with user answer. That's it, nothing more, very simple and tested last few months on few websites. You can see this redesigned plugin on my contact page.


After install go to Plugin manager, select type "content" and enable ContactUs Form plugin.
By default image captcha is hidden and math captcha is on - no need to change that settings.
Inside an article insert email in format: {contactus mailto=address#mydomain.com}.
Note: If you copy this example than paste raw text (SHIFT+CTRL+V)


Plugin is created for Joomla 2.5 but also tested and works on Joomla 3. If you need "strict" Joomla 3 version - contact me and I will do it for you.

Thanks to: http://www.emmealfa.it


  • File Name: contactusform.zip
  • Date Created: 2014
  • Version: 1.0
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