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This module was designed to show features of my Multiplier module (repeatable section module). You can use it to show social share buttons on your website, or maybe you get some another idea how to use Multiplier module.

Share List module currently include 28 buttons, and you see it on the sidebar of this page. All button icons are made with help IcoMoon application.

Main characteristics

  • adapted to any responsive template
  • no images for icons, it use IcoMoon font icons
  • no javascript effects, it use CSS3 effects
  • social share network list include 26 locations
  • browser compatibility
  • easy to add new icons and networks
  • easy to change on mouse hover effect


Download and install module, and after in administration select desired button and write url to that location. Please note that you need to insert url path with "http://" prefix.

Also, you can use it to show link to your profile page (eg. Facebook profile page), or enter share link, that is your choice.


  1. How to get share link?
  2. How to set my Skype button?
  3. How to get my Google map link location?

Advanced options

If you want to add new location button, or change on mouse hover effect download support archive file with details and instructions.

Share List support v1.0 [zip 83KB]


  • File Name: mod_share_list.zip
  • Date Created: 2014
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 36KB
  • Download