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Oluic Sasa OLSA

My name is Sasa Oluic and I'm Electrical Engineer with more than 15 years experience in electronics. Last 10 years I am working as freelance programmer. I had experiences in C, Java, VBA, LabView, PHP, MySQL, Ruby On Rails, Javascript.

In web development I am mostly working with PHP but also I had no problem with other technologies. If you want to contact me please don't ask me about Agile or Scrum methodology, SOLID principles, Dependency injection etc. let's talk about your problem.

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This website is built with Joomla, template is on Zurb Foundation CSS framework (it was needed to override Joomla core Bootstrap integration), and my modules and plugins. If you find something interesting here, I will be glad ;) EDIT 2018: yes it was before 5 years. Joomla was my mistake. Joomla takes me 5 years of my life. Better use some PHP framework (YII, Laravel, Symfony...).

Projects (2013 - 2015)

tok yii olsa

YII application

My last project was application for bookkeeping services and other tasks for local tourist organization. Project has been completed on YII PHP framework (ver. 1) with customised advanced template. Also integrated statistic components and various reports options.


ALA website

My last project was website for project Approximation of the legislation with EU Acquis on Free Movement of Services and Competition Protection (ALA) in Montenegro.
Website is built with Joomla where I create responsive template based on Foundation CSS framework (v.5), also for that website I developed two version of news module, and Google Map plugin. Sidebar news module has option of automatic thumbnails creation with caching mechanism.

Customer Care Application with Redmine

Intranet Customer Care application

This was project for government institutions in Montenegro within customer care support. System use about 250 users with different roles distributed within 30 user groups. Initial point for development was Redmine (project management application written in Ruby On Rails) where my job was to develop all other missing blocks (eg. add CRM and CMS functions, link all together, connect to outside sources etc.). Finally project is full of forms and fields with different permissions depending on the current workflow point. Because it is closed system (intranet application) I can't to show link, but if you are interested for some demo - contact me.


Websites in development


Sport Turist and Boat Milica

This two projects are developed for two different tourism agencies from Montenegro. More details coming soon.