Web development & Optimization

sasa oluic

Hello_world, my name is Sasa Oluic.
Edit 2018: Please note, this is my old website with old informations. I have no time to write because 24/7 I am in code world.
I am not a surfer, guitar player, mountain climber, fishing master, skydiving jumper, I am only a freelance programmer.


What I do?

Web development

It is process where I use PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and sometimes Ruby On Rails. Design is based on Foundation or Bootstrap responsive frameworks.


In that step my focus is on website page speed and search engine optimization (SEO).

GTmetrix testing service

Analyze Performance of website:
Test server location ▼
  • YSlow Grade
  • The average is 83%
  • Page Speed Grade
  • The average is 79%
  • Page load time: 
  • Total page size: 
  • Total number of requests: 
  •  More details: GTmetrix