Web development & Optimization

Every website need optimization and testing and on the internet are many places where you can check your website performances. Here is the list what I like to use for different tasks.

Browser Tools (addons)


Official tool for web developers by Yahoo (Marcel Duran). It can be used inside Firefox through Firebug addon (first install Firebugg and after it YSlow) and you will get new tab inside Firebug. Also if you prefer Google Chrome link to download YSlow for Chrome is here. I will not write here about usage - maybe the best suggestion is test and play with YSlow.

Web developer

Also very interesting tool but I like it more to use for information about web page elements (sizes, colors, ruler etc.). Link about this tool is here.

Online testing

HTML and CSS validation

In this category I like to use World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) services for online testing. Web developers have mixed opinions about W3C CSS test validation rules, but everyone agress that the best is to get as little errors as possible. Mobile checker is very strict and I must congratulate if you get 100% score.


Page speed

Nobody like slow webpage loading, and especially Google.

Complex testing services

Below is list of addresses where you can do complex testing. WebPagetest is a tool that was originally developed by AOL for use internally. WebPagetest platform is under active development on GitHub and is available for download. Pingdom is website and performance monitoring company from Sweden. Last on the list is GTmetrix where you can at the same time get result by Yahoo YSlow and Google PageSpeed algorithm. GTmetrix has nice option that you can download PDF file with testing details.   


Search Engine Optimization testing

SEO optimization is process and high page ranking depends on dozens of factors and don't expect that online SEO testing tools will give you real score. My suggestion is to use online SEO services as first step in basic search engine optimization.

Below on the list is xml-sitemap.com where you can generate xml sitemap for your website, but it is also good option to check what and how is indexable on your website. If you open generated xml map don't be suprised if you find there unwanted sitelinks ("signin", "print", "email this page"...) and in that case it is signal that you need to fix that part. Next two links on the list are sites where you can check SEO score for your website.


After all this steps, I suggest you register to Google Webmaster Tools because it provides you detailed reports about your pages visibility on Google.