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To get better page performances it is important to minify stylesheet and javascript files. Mike Horn wrote PHP script which use YSlow for files compression and that is main part of my Compressor where I only added option for multiple files compression. It was written before few years, but maybe Compressor is still a useful tool today.


I used parts created by different developers and combine all that in a tool what can be used on local server to compress multiple css and javascript files. Compressor use popular Yahoo YSlow compression algorithm, interface is built by Mike Horn, and multiple upload is based on Malsup jQuery plugin and great thanks to all of them.

Installation and usage

After download, extract archive on local server (eg. "extract here" inside Wamp directory "www") and you will get new directory "comp". After it, go to your browser and enter url address: http://localhost/comp.

Select your files, one by one, and one note here is that you can select .css and .js files. If you do some selection mistake, just press "minus" sign to remove that file from selection.

Compressed files are stored inside direcory "compressed" (comp/compressor/compressed), and original files are inside "tmp" directory (comp/compressor/tmp).

Multiple files compressor

  • File Name: comp.zip
  • Date Created: 2012
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 848KB
  • Download